Vulcan FlipStart caught on camera

Chris Davies - Mar 7, 2007
Vulcan FlipStart caught on camera

This video is getting some real attention now, which is as it should be since the Vulcan FlipStart UMPC is an interesting little monkey.  A long time in the coming, it's a chubby clamshell portable with a full QWERTY keyboard and in-built EV-DO.


Vulcan slipped a pre-release unit to JK of jkontherun and he promptly shot this video of it.  In it he goes a poking through the trackpad, trackstick, built-in webcam (ideal for video-VOIP) and a SideShow-style external sub-display on the lid.  I'm not sure if I'd pick this over the Samsung Q2, though; I'd rather a slim slate than a plump mini-laptop.

First look at the Vulcan FlipStart [jkontherun]

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