Suunto x9i GPS Watch Review

Vincent Nguyen - Feb 6, 2006

Many of us enjoy bringing ample technology with us on the road and in our recreational activities. Unfortunately, lugging all the gear around can be a problem. Packing chargers, power supplies, batteries, and the gizmos themselves can quickly fill the carry on bag or backpack. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all, or most of it, in one compact device such as the Suunto x9i Wristtop Computer with GPS?

With the Suunto X9i, you’ll be able to have several key instruments right on your wrist. This unit, ideal for outdoor sports enthusiasts, integrates a clock and chronometer, GPS, Altimeter, Barometer, and Digital Compass in one tight package. Even better, the instruments are integrated to take the guess work out of common tasks by cross checking data internally.

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dl Product Review: Suunto x9i Wristop Computer with GPS

The instrument interfaces with a PC to transfer navigation data using Suunto Trek Manager software. This program allows the creation of routes and waypoints on the large screen of your PC using National Geographic Topographic and other map sources. Thus, you can accurately plot a route using detailed map imagery, then transfer the position data to the X9i for use in the field. This takes the guess work out of coordinate transfer, and allows you to have some fun planning the trip before you go.

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