Personal pleasure at a discrete distance

Jul 9, 2007

Oddly enough, this new gadget comes surprisingly close to my day job.  For the sake of a sensitive audience, I'll describe the Remote Control Rabbit as a "discrete intimate massager" and leave the rest up to your imaginations.  Anyway, what distinguishes this particular column of latex rubber is the handy remote control, which lets you stand 25ft away should you not particularly want to get close to a partner when, ahem, "intimately massaging".


 Remote Control Rabbit

To be honest, while remote control toys of this nature are usually great, this particular type doesn't quite make sense.  You couldn't exactly go out for dinner with it secreted about your person and have a loved-one discretely and surprisingly activate it.

Remote Control Rabbit

Still, if the thought of it makes you (and your VISA card) tingle, it's £35.96 ($72.30) and available now.

Remote Control Rabbit [via Shiny Shiny]

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